Public Food is an organization working on food justice. It is often said that food connects, but the opposite is true as well. In what we eat and how we eat, inequalities become manifest. Overweight and obesity prevail in marginalized neighborhoods. Unhealthy and processed food is cheap, subsidized, marketed and readily available, while fresh and nutritious food is more expensive, and thus less accessible. Food is nutritious and sickening and both are capitalized as business models. That is the gist of the problem. And precisely the elephant in the room too. 

Public Food works on the junction of project development, action research, strategy and education in order to create working alternatives for the social, ecological and democratic issues of our food system.

Public Food is a non-profit organization.

Supervisory board

Meredith Overman
Femke Mosch
Shivant Jhagroe

Founding director

Floris Visser

Strategy and development

Valerie Kuster